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No More Tears Rescue's main goal is to save puppy mill dogs who can no longer breed for profit. We rescue and rehabilitate these unsocialized dogs and most have numerous medical issues that need attention. Finding their forever homes is not easy and consists of patience, love, and understanding. The end result is rewarding once the dogs learn to trust and give unconditional love for the very first time in their lives. This process costs a lot of money, so any donation made is much appreciated and goes to help save more dogs.

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a word from laura: "my dogs, my inspiration"

After adopting my own two dogs I learned about the unconditional love a dog can give. They mean everything to my husband and me and they have become a big part of our family. When I learned about the animal cruelty in Pennsylvania, I knew I had to do something. I started driving to Lancaster, PA from NY on my own free time. My first rescue attempt consisted of 5 crates and some leashes back in June of 2005. I then began rescuing more and more dogs every month. It is now up to 40 dogs per month. I have seen first-hand the abuse and animal cruelty the Amish people are guilty of. There is no justice at this time for these dogs, but I will never stop rescuing them from this inhumane fate until it is stopped. People ask me all the time how I keep my cool when I witness such cruelty. My answer is simple: I do it to save the dogs. I am angry and suffer from nightmares, but I have to stay strong because the dogs need me. When I see photos of the happily ever after stories of these dogs, it makes it all worthwhile.

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