Adoption & foster care

A puppymill is a breeding factory that can hold up to 750 adult dogs. These dogs live in miserable conditions producing puppies to sell at pet stores. They lie in their own feces and urine. They receive no medical care or love. They freeze in the winter and overheat in the summer. When done producing puppies they are then shot, drowned, burned or starved to death. Our rescue saves dogs from this miserable fate.

If you are interested in adopting or providing a foster home for one of our dogs, please click on the appropriate link below to download and fill out the application. All of the requested information is required in order to place the dogs in the home that is best suited for them. The required home visit will be scheduled after contacting your veterinary reference. Please note that the entire process can take a few weeks.

Click here to download the adoption application.

Click here to download the foster care application.

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volunteers wanted

For those interested in volunteering, please click here to download the application.

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